About The Club

Colors: Red, white & navy blue.

Logo: St. Brigid's Cross.

Season Length: Beginning of June until the beginning of September.

Training: Monday and Wednesday evenings at Freedom Park in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.

Matches: Held on most Sundays at Chicago Gaelic Park in Oak Forest, Illinois.

Favorite Hang Out Spot: Jack Desmond's Irish Pub in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.

St. Brigid's LGFC is a part of the North American Gaelic Athletic Association.

And a part of the Chicago/Central Division

The St. Brigid's Ladies Gaelic Football Club is located in Chicago, Illinois. 

We have just celebrated our 28th anniversary promoting the sport of Ladies Gaelic football 

here in Chicago!

We have won numerous Chicago and North American titles!

We are always looking for new and experienced players. Our players are both American 

and Irish born. We have players from all over the Chicagoland area in addition to players 

who come from all over Ireland! If you are looking for a solid social network to be a part of 

and develop friendships that will last a lifetime, look no further than the St. Brigid's LGFC!

In addition to our training sessions and matches, we plan social outings, weekend events, 

summer barbeques and much more! 

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